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White Marble Bowl with Two Floating Duck for Home Decor Dinning Decor Purpose

White Marble Bowl with Two Floating Duck for Home Decor Dinning Decor Purpose

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Size Marble Floating Duck Size 10.16 x7.62CM,12.7 x 8.89 CM Bowl SIze 30.48x 6.35CM

⦿1. Marble Floating Duck Size:- 10.16 x7.62CM
⦿2. Marble Floating Duck Size:-12.7 x 8.89 CM
⦿3. Marble Decorative Bowl Size:- 30.48x 6.35CM

⦿Marble Floating Duck:- A duck made of marble that floats on
water is quite unique. Take a decorative bowl, fill 12.7 x 8.89 CMit up with
water and fresh petals, and put the floating duck for a beautiful
effect. Each piece is handcrafted and there may be some
variation in color and design. Marble ducks are made in such a way
that they can float on water, light weighted, beautifully crafted,
and suitable for innovative home decoration styles.

⦿Marble Decorative Bowl :- Marble veining varies making each
piece unique. Bowl For Home Decoration Center Table
Showpiece.White Marble Bowl Coffee Table Decorative
Handcrafted Fruit Bowl.White Marble Bowl Handmade Coffee
Table Decorative Stone Fruit.

⦿Carved from marble, Marble Decorative Bowl is stunning
decorative accent on their own or fill with seed pods, jewelry
or miscellaneous items.

⦿A beautiful hand-carved marble piece is a perfect
accessory for your coffee table or a catchall or just a holder
for color full fruits or flowers. Shaped in a lovely flower, it will
sit pretty in any room. Also, could be a great gift!

♣ We are based in Illinois and every product is specially made and shipped from India.

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