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Bone Inlay Geometric Pattern Bar Cabinet

Bone Inlay Geometric Pattern Bar Cabinet

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Product Description:

Exquisite Craftsmanship: The bone inlay bar cabinet epitomizes meticulous craftsmanship, featuring intricate patterns meticulously handcrafted using ethically sourced bone. Each piece is delicately carved and set into a wooden frame, showcasing a blend of traditional artistry and contemporary design.

Timeless Elegance: With its timeless allure, the bone inlay bar cabinet adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its graceful silhouette and ornate details create a focal point in any room, making it not just a functional piece of furniture but also a statement of refined taste and style.

Dimensions: 39.37L X 99.06W X 139.7H cm

Dispatch(cm Time- 15-20 Business Days
Material- MDF, Bone, Resin
Production Time- 3-4 Weeks

Important NOTE: The handles of the bar cabinet are subject to availability and may vary from those shown in the picture. Due to this variability, customers should note that the handles provided with the cabinet may differ in design, material, or finish, while still maintaining the overall aesthetic and functionality of the piece.

● Made to Order. Thus, the customer owns a New Piece every time.

● This product is 100 PERCENT customizable, for the geometrical and floral designs, we can do 12 colors that we have. (Black, Blue, Teal, Blue Turquoise, Green, Pink, Indigo,     Grey, Orange, Yellow, White, Brown).

● Please bear in mind that the photo may slightly differ from the actual item in terms of colour due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor’s display.

● To preserve your bone inlay investment – be gentle. As an organic material, bone inlay   is porous, so it’s important to avoid harsh cleaning chemicals, and keep it away from direct heat. An occasional wipe with colourless beeswax will keep the resin supply and prevent cracking. To clean, use a lightly moistened lint-free cloth, and dab rather than rub.

Terms and Policies-
 ● Normally shipping takes between 4-6 Business Days from the date of dispatch.
 ● Make sure that you have provided a valid address and a phone number.
 ● For all international packages, please provide a phone number.

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